•Professional occupations:
• California licensed General Building Contractor
• Certified building inspector (I.C.B.O)
• Disaster Response Team(Governors Office of Emergency Services)
I along with my wife, Sienna, and our dog, Kainoa, love Hermosa Beach, the "Best Little Beach City". A life-long resident, I raised a family and operated a business in Hermosa Beach. Working with organized leadership, I have the passion to make sound fiscal policies ensuring a high quality of life for Hermosa Beach residents.

I had a major role in designing the award winning Upper Pier Avenue Street Improvement Project. This project re-energized a public pride in Hermosa Beach. Under my leadership as Mayor, Hermosa Beach adopted a two-tiered pension plan and a process to reduce future spending while continuing to provide expected city services to our residents.

With your continuing support my focus for Hermosa Beach will be:
• Secure the Future of Hermosa Beach Schools
• Maintain quality Police, Fire & City Services
• Enhance Residential Quality of Life
• Continue Street Repaving and Street Repair
• Promotion and Revitalization of Pacific Coast Hwy & Aviation Blvd
• Successfully conclude the Macpherson Oil lawsuit
• Develop a New Conditional Use Permit Process
• Improve the City Parks
• Prevent the Re-Building of the AES Facility